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February 23 ,2023

Choosing the Right Safe

Choosing the Right Safe

Safes play an important role in our daily lives, particularly if we handle valuables or cash. They are useful when safely storing your possessions, preventing theft, and protecting them from damage. However, since so many options are available on the market, it can be challenging to choose just one. In this post, we will explain how to choose the right safe for your needs.

Identify Your Needs

When choosing a safe, it is important to identify your specific needs. What are you protecting? Does it include documents, cash, firearms, or jewelry? Based on your valuables, your safe needs may differ. When it comes to protecting your documents against fire or water damage, a waterproof and fireproof safe is necessary. On the other hand, if you store firearms, you may need a safe with specific features, such as a fireproof lock mechanism.

Consider the Type of Safe

After identifying your needs, choosing the type of safe to suit your needs is the next step. Safes are commonly available in the following types:

Wall Safes

Ideal for storing small items such as jewelry and cash. Usually, they are mounted on an interior wall.

Floor Safes

These safes are installed below the floor and are perfect for storing large items.

Fireproof Safes

Designed to offer the best fire protection for your valuables. Fire safes are rated differently, and the safe's durability and temperature rating indicate how long it can withstand the conditions it is subjected to.

Gun Safes

Firearms are stored safely and securely in gun safes. In addition to a locking mechanism and a fireproofing feature, these products have specific designs that make them a perfect storage option for guns.

The Locking Mechanism

When choosing a safe, it's also essential to consider the locking mechanism. A variety of locking mechanisms exist, they include:

Combination Locks

Operated by inputting a specific sequence of numbers.

Key Locks

These types of locks require that the safe be opened with a key, which makes them easy to use.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks require a password to open them. However, batteries are required to operate them.

Size Consideration is Critical

Another important factor to consider is the size. It is crucial you find a safe that is large enough to hold all of your valuables and fit in your designated space simultaneously. Consider purchasing a slightly larger safe than you need, so you can store any additional items you need in the future.

Brand and Quality

Brand and quality are important considerations when choosing a safe. Safes should be purchased from a reputable company whose products are renowned for their high quality and reliability. Your investment in a quality safe may be a little more expensive initially, but you will be assured that you protect your valuables.


Safe selection involves carefully considering several factors, such as brand, size, locking mechanism, and type. If you follow these instructions, the safe you choose will fit your specific requirements and provide the security and protection you need.

To ensure that your safe is installed correctly and avoid any issues with the safe opening in the future, hire a Columbus Locksmith Pro. We are reliable and also have proven experience for all types of safe installation and opening services.

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