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November 19 ,2022

Car Ignition and Door Lock Common Issues

Car Ignition and Door Lock Common Issues

Every car component is priceless. You might not know this yet. But you get to appreciate their importance when the car ignition or door lock is faulty. A problem with the ignition cylinder or door lock of your vehicle can change the trajectory of your day as your mood take a nose dive too. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we are keen on helping you spot these common issues when they occur.

Five Common Issues of Car Ignition and Door Locks

Worn out Ignition Cylinder

The sign that the car's ignition cylinder has worn out is when the key can no longer turn in the ignition. Another scenario is when the key gets stuck in or falls out from the ignition. Whenever this issue occurs, consider purchasing a new ignition cylinder. Another alternative is getting Columbus Locksmith professionals to conduct ignition repairs on the vehicle.

Also, you can slow down the rate at which the engine cylinder wears out by checking out what is on the keychain. Heavy key chains are known for wearing out ignition cylinders faster.

Damaged Door Lock

Doors does not damage frequently. When it occurs, it is usually due to an attempted break-in or theft of the vehicle. If the door lock of a car becomes damaged, it will no longer lock or unlocks correctly.

One of the solutions to a damaged car lock is to replace the cylinder. And this can be done by getting a trustworthy locksmith to perform the replacement.

When the Key Fob Battery Is Dead

Sometimes the issue might not require ignition repair but something as basic as a battery replacement. A dead key fob means you won't access the vehicle. Once the key fob's battery becomes low, you must move closer to the vehicle before the remote function works.

While some car models will alert you when the key fob battery is low and help you address the issue on time, others don't have such a feature. This problem can be avoided by replacing the battery regularly. You can carry out such maintenance at least once a year.

The Ignition Lock Is On

The ignition lock is a component built into the ignition switch to protect the vehicle from theft. When the lock is on, you can't turn the key in the ignition. Also, the steering wheel will be locked, so the vehicle's movement is stopped!

The ignition lock exists to prevent your vehicle from being stolen through hotwiring. However, this common issue can be easily fixed. The ignition lock gets activated if the steering wheel turns after the vehicle's engine has been switched off. The issue can be fixed by moving the wheel back and forth gently while attempting to turn the key in the ignition.

Faulty Car Door Wiring

The car door has a wiring system that controls its operation. A faulty wiring means that the controls of the car door will begin to malfunction. Insulation wears often cause faulty wiring. The remedy to this problem is to take the vehicle to an automotive technician to install a new wiring system that ensures the car doors are working accurately.

For all issues concerning your door lock, ignition and security system, contact Columbus Locksmith Pro. We can come over to your location to ensure you do not have messed-up schedule.

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