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April 08 ,2022

Can You Replace a Car Key With a VIN?

Can You Replace a Car Key With a VIN?

Losing your car keys can be pretty annoying and also cause inconveniences. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic because people lose car keys rampantly. The good news is that you can easily replace your car key with your VIN. Though it is an option open to only professionals, cutting a new car key using the details from the VIN is an effective replacement method.

Therefore, if you recently misplaced your car keys, not worry you can get a new one. In this article, we will be discussing an easy car key replacement option that not many people know about and how it works.

What is a VIN?

VIN is an acronym that means Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17 digit number and letter combination unique to each vehicle made, no two vehicles have the same VIN. Furthermore, VIN is the official form of identification for modern vehicles. VIN is embedded with the following information about a car:

  • Serial number
  • Manufacturer
  • Where the car was built
  • Security code
  • Brand engine size and type of car
  • Location of car assembly assembled
  • Model year of the vehicle

The VIN shows the car's unique features, specifications, and manufacturer. You can use it to track registration, warranty, recalls, claims, theft, insurance coverage, and more.

What does the VIN Stand for?

As we mentioned earlier, the VIN is a 17 digit number and letter combination and by now, you are probably wondering what each digit represents.

  • The 1st character provides information about the vehicle's manufacturing period.
  • The 2nd and 3rd characters summarize the manufacturers' information.
  • The 4th to 8th characters tell us about the portrait of the vehicle brand, engine size, and type.
  • The 9th character represents the security code that identifies the VIN as being authorized by the manufacturer.
  • The 10th letter stands for the model of the car.
  • The 11th letter indicates which plant assembled the vehicle.
  • Lastly, the remaining six digits represent the serial number of the car. As you can see, the VIN virtually represents every component of a vehicle.

Where is the VIN Found in the Car?

The VIN is normally found on a sticker located on your dashboard down by the bottom of the windshield. Sometimes, the VIN is located on the vehicle's engine instead. You can also find the VIN On the rear wheel well, at the inside of the door jam, or in the trunk. You can also check the car frame between the windshield washer and the carburetor. The auto insurance policy or the vehicle's title also contains the VIN.

What Next?

The moment you find your VIN after misplacing your keys, the next step is to contact a nearby locksmith right away to help you replace lost keys, repair broken keys, cut and copy the car keys, or program car remote fobs.

So if you have lost your car keys recently, contact a professional and trusted locksmith from the Columbus Locksmith Pro to render any professional service. Our licensed locksmiths are trusted and experienced to fix your car key issues. Even at a moments' notice, our experienced locksmiths are readily available to help fortify the security of your car.

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