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April 01 ,2022

Can You Re-Key Your Lock?

Can You Re-Key Your Lock?

Have you ever moved into a new house, misplaced keys, or had to fire an employee? If you answered yes, you might have considered changing your locks. Most people are unaware that re-keying their locks is a more effective and cheaper solution than changing their locks. Many locksmiths take advantage of their ignorance to benefit from rekeying their locks. Rather than rekeying locks, they insist on overhauling the existing ones.

This article will consider rekeying locks, its advantages, and valuable information on how you can rekey your locks.

What Does It Mean Rekey Your Locks?

Rekeying your lock involves modifying its locking mechanism, so the old key no longer opens it. Rather a new key will be required. The rekeying process allows you to retain the lock's basic components, but a different key can only operate it. Usually, locks are rekeyed after a key, or its spare is lost or stolen.

The locks are rekeyed to ensure that someone who finds the lost key and may identify it with the lock will not be able to open it. In addition to preventing theft and intruders, locks are often rekeyed when tenants, housemates, spouses, or partners move out but still have the key or may have duplicates.

Reasons to Rekey a Lock

You've recently moved into a new home and worry about how many keys the previous owners left behind. Perhaps you're tired of carrying around many keys in your pocket or purse and just want one key to open all of your doors. Rekeying a lock is an option you should consider as it is a cheaper alternative to changing locks.

Rekeying is most suitable for homeowners who prefer to have a single key that opens all of their apartment or house locks. Using this method, you can reduce the number of keys on your key chain to a few essentials, thereby freeing up space in your pocket or bag and saving time spent looking for the right key.

Rekeying a lock can improve a building's security. During the construction of a new home, several people may possess duplicate door keys, contractors, workers, and inspectors. The new owner may want to ensure that they have access to the home before possession. Likewise, many homeowners and property managers rekey their door locks each time a new tenant moves in.

Can You Re-Key Your Lock?

Yes, as the owner of the property, you have all the right to rekey the locks. As a tenant, rekeying a lock without your landlord's permission is unlikely. Nevertheless, landlord-tenant laws restrict or prohibit rekeying when the tenant still lives in the house. While it is possible to rekey locks yourself using a rekey kit, it is usually stressful. The locks to be rekeyed must be from the same manufacturer, as each brand has different keyhole sizes.

However, with the help of a professional from Columbus Locksmith Pro, you can rest assured that your locks will be rekeyed safe and secured without damage to your door. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we offer a wide range of locksmith services including locks rekeying, installation, repairs and upgrade. With our lock rekeying services you can prevent unauthorized access and protect lives and property. Give us a call today!

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