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May 18 ,2022

Bluetooth or WiFi Smart Locks? A Comparison

Bluetooth or WiFi Smart Locks? A Comparison

Nothing gives peace of mind to a home or business owner than having control of the security system in his property. Imagine giving limited access to some employees, or technicians instead of releasing a physical key. You will avoid the possibility of key copying and other activities that could compromise your security. Also, you will not have to worry about carrying a bunch of keys, or the headache of choosing the right key for your locks.

Rather, with the installation of smart locks, you will begin to enjoy flexible, hassle-free lock opening at your home or business premises. As a business owner, you can pull entry history reports when investigating any incident. There are other options for keyless entry locks which we will examine in this article. Read to learn more.

Why Keyless Entry Locks?

Designed to offer more convenience and options to users, the keyless entry lock is a kind of smart lock that grants you access to a digital set of keys. As we stated earlier, you will no longer need physical keys, rather, every user must punch in personalized codes to have access.

Some industry experts argue that keyless entry locks are more beneficial to the business owner. They can easily create individual credentials for all employees. Giving them ultimate control over the security of their commercial facility. If there is any security concern, you can easily track and identify people that had access to the building at the said time. So let us do a quick comparison of Bluetooth and WiFi Smart Locks.

Bluetooth Locks

The main advantage of the Bluetooth lock is the ability to give you easy, hands-free access to your doors. The Bluetooth locks are designed to get activated when the sensor dictates a matching signal. It is good when the members of your household always approach the door with hands full of items. It is also a perfect option for our senior citizens. Business owners can install these locks to minimize the use of door handles which could spread disease in a congested environment. You can also monitor their activities by assigning individual security tokens to each employee.

Unfortunately, as Bluetooth locks enable hands-free access, employees can hand off their security tokens to intruders who might use them to attack your company. That is why we recommend using Bluetooth locks only for internal doors in residential and commercial facilities.

Wi-Fi Locks

This gives you top-notch remote access to your security. You could even stay in the Bahamas to check the status of your doors, lock and unlock them as well as give digital access to visitors and technicians.

Depending on your preference, and budget, you could get a variety of WiFi locks on the market. There are models using smartphone apps, remote controls, and biometrics. It gives you a wide range of security options. If you want to enjoy these locks to the fullest, then integrate them with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. More so, the recent designs can fit on most deadbolts, thereby giving you optimized security. Other benefits of the WiFi locks are the easy installation, improved ease of use, and the possibility to access your lock security information from anywhere.

Let us Install Your Digital Entry Locks

Are you ready to get started? Then expert locksmiths at Columbus Locksmith Pro are ready to deliver smart lock installation service at your home or office. We value your peace of mind, call us today!

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