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May 25 ,2021

Best Ways to Open a Bike Lock 

Best Ways to Open a Bike Lock 

Are you wondering how to unlock a bike lock without the keys? Perhaps, the keys are lost, damaged, or misplaced by a third party and you probably don’t know what to do!
Your last resort should be breaking the locks but before you proceed, check out the methods we shared in this article for unlocking your bike when the need beckons.
These processes are simple but they may take some skill and time. However, this article is developed by the experienced staff of Columbus Locksmith Pro and it isn’t intended for illegitimate use or a free resource for criminals who steal bikes. 

Lock Picking 

Almost all bike locks with a keyway can be opened by picking. Picking can be a bit tricky as it has been adjudged the most difficult means of unlocking a bike lock. To get it done, two major tools are needed – a tension wrench and a lock pick. While the tension wrench is deployed to apply torque on the lock. The lock pick is used to reset the internal mechanism. Once the mechanism is reset, the lock opens.
It takes some practice with standard locks to perfect the skill of picking. In some states or counties, you may not be allowed to purchase the picking instrument if you are not a locksmith.


Bypassing is easier to perform compared to picking, however, a clear knowledge of the locks mechanism will be critical to your success. Here are few bypass options:-

The Pen Trick 

A pen could be used to open a lock if the locks are Kryptonite or Master lock tubular models. You use the tip of a pen, then press the hollow cylinder into the lock and turn gently, then the lock might open.

Shims Method 

This is a very fast way to open low-quality locks. It entails sliding the potential pointed end of the shim into the crevasse

Finding a Bypass 

Check the name and model of the lock and use the search engines. Definitely, there will be lots of information online about locating the bypass of the lock.
Also the Search Engines to Get the Decoding Code 
Decoding works perfectly on bike locks that are fitted with combination locks. Guesswork and knowledge of some universal unlocking combinations may help. All you need is to pile tension on the cord while setting the code – this makes the unlocking easier.

Cutting the Lock

Hold the lock at its base and use a pair of bolt cutters to cut through. Bolt cutters are a bit pair of scissors but using them makes the cutting process easier. Alternatively, you can use a rotary saw with an abrasive blade to cut the lock. Also, when a combination of a chain and a padlock is used, look up the weakest part of the chain and use a saw to cut.

Call the Locksmith

Calling a nearby locksmith is the last but most beneficial option. Of course, the locksmith can handle all kinds of locks perfectly. At Columbus Locksmith Pro we offer bike unlocking services while saving your bike locks and anything it was anchored on. Another benefit you will derive is that we can service your bike keys for future use.

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