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July 04 ,2021

Best Places to Buy a New Smart Key for Your Cars

Best Places to Buy a New Smart Key for Your Cars

Remote car unlocking has become part of our lives ever since it was invented three decades ago. That is why the loss or failure of smart keys can ruin our day. If the problem is not resolved swiftly, it could also lead to compromising the security system of your vehicle. So where do you find the replacement if they got lost, stolen, or damaged? Check out the following options.

The Automotive Locksmith

Opting for the professional services of an automotive locksmith is a perfect source of getting a replacement for your smart car keys. While asking for the services of an automotive locksmith, be sure to provide accurate data of your car – make and year model of your car. One of the challenges you may face when working with a locksmith is getting a satisfactory job quote. Most locksmiths will like to see the car before providing a quote.
However, if you call the professionals from Columbus Locksmith Pro for Fob programming, repairs, or replacement, we will deliver the services at the spot. Our locksmiths are dedicated to going the extra mile of fixing any smart key issues once hired.

Get an extra pre-programmed smart key 

To avoid getting frustrated because of the loss, or malfunctioning of your smart car keys, it is advisable to ask for and obtain an additional set of pre-programmed smart keys from the dealership or a reliable locksmith. Once a smart car key is programmed for a given car, it cannot be used on another car. This serves as a spare or extra kept aside. 
Having a spare key saves time and gives you peace of mind. The only challenge is a secure location to store the extra key. Nonetheless, you can give it to a trusted friend or relative. Or keep the spare car key at home. In case you are yet to duplicate your car key, give us a call and our professionals will reprogram another key for you.

The Dealership

When your smart car keys are lost, walk down to a dealership of your brand or the exact place of purchase. Dealerships will effortlessly get on behalf of their client any replacement parts on demand. Being a direct manufacturer’s representative, you will be sure of getting another original new smart car key. You can bank on the dealership to handle the reprogramming as the makers.
However, if it's an emergency, you may have to tow your vehicle to their workshop before getting a replacement.

Third-party online retailers

There are many third-party smart key sellers online. They are independent business people who have access to licensed software and gadgets to replace smart keys of any kind. Most times, they are quick answers to complete smart key replacement, however, they may deliver keys that are of lower quality. There are a few caveats when buying your keys from this platform – your information may be released to yet another entity as you cannot vouch for any of them.
Are you unsure of the option that is the best fit for your unique needs? Call Columbus Locksmith Pro today to get expert advice about your smart keys.


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