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October 03 ,2022

Best Locks for Home Security

Best Locks for Home Security

Have you ever thought of securing your home to make it safe from burglars? It is important to note that installing high-quality door locks is a great step in securing your property against intruders and robbers.

However, not all locks are created equal, so it's critical to put into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of available locks before making a choice.

Therefore, in this article, we shall in sequential order, discuss some of the best locks to prevent intruders.

Doorknob Locks

Most likely, your house has a doorknob lock on the exterior doors. They typically have a rotating lever on the inside and a keyed lock cylinder on the exterior. The locking mechanism only prevents the latch that extends into the doorframe from being retracted by turning the doorknob. These locks are very prone to break-ins since they are reasonably easy to remove with a hammer from the door handle. Even while you should always lock your doorknobs to dissuade uninvited guests, remember that even a beginner burglar can quickly open one. Always use a doorknob lock with a deadbolt, at the very least.


The deadbolt is the second most popular type of residential door lock. A metal bolt that extends from the door and into the doorframe when the lock is cranked joins the two components. The majority of domestic deadbolts (also known as single-cylinder locks) include a rotating lever on the inside and a keyed lock cylinder on the outside. Others have keyed locks on both sides (also known as twin cylinder locks). Deadbolts offer reasonable protection when installed properly, but there are risks. When using single-cylinder deadbolts, robbers frequently smash windows on the door's side in order to reach in and turn the latch.

Also, in the event of a fire or other emergency, double-cylinder deadbolts can delay family members trying to escape the house. Any deadbolt can be disabled with a well-placed kick that breaks the doorframe.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks perform similarly to regular doorknob locks in terms of security, with the obvious exception that you must enter a code to open the lock. The doorknob housing the locking mechanism, which only prevents the knob from being turned. On a keypad lock, also a keyed cylinder option. Therefore, the previously addressed doorknob lock vulnerabilities still exist. Furthermore, you have to be concerned about forgetting the code or having an unauthorized person discover or guess your code. In the event that any of these locks is used in preventing burglars, endeavor never to use the locks alone.

Bars Bolts and Chains

To support your door locks, Locksmiths and several security experts advise installing physical barriers like bars, bolts, and chains. These settings cannot be immediately altered from the outside because they don't have any exterior components. However, the majority can be defeated by force. They should never be depended upon as a sole kind of security, but rather as a supplement.

The truth is that every door lock may be broken by a determined burglar. So, the best you can do is use a combination of some of the best door locks highlighted in this article to make entering your property too difficult. 

Are you looking for the best security solution for your house, a professional locksmith in Polaris, OH, or you want to know more about the best locks to prevent home burglars? Feel free to contact Columbus Locksmith Pro.

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