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April 21 ,2022

Benefits of Switching to Keyless Lock System

Benefits of Switching to Keyless Lock System

As a home or business owner, you want to take all measures to ensure that the security of your building is not compromised. You also want to be sure that the people within the building and your valuables are safe.

Security has always been a priority in buildings, from hiring security guards to giving out keys to employees at the workplace and family members at home. Therefore, as technology continues to improve, more systems like the keyless lock system are made to enhance the way we access our homes and businesses and also increase security. Before you decide to switch to a keyless lock system, you need to know how these systems work and the benefits of installing them, all in this article.

How Do Keyless Locks Work?

Keyless locks let only authorized users access a building electronically through a variety of ways including key cards, key fobs, mobile access, and biometric sensors. With keypad locks, you do not use traditional keys. When an authorized user wants to access the building, they present their keyless credential close to the reader, the system verifies this credential and triggers a door unlock after approval.

The Benefits of Switching to a Keyless Lock System

Keyless lock systems offer many advantages over traditional key locks. Here are some advantages that are beyond the inconvenience associated with choosing the right key in a bunch to open a door.

  • Easy to Use

When using a keyless lock system, you will not encounter problems like broken keys, faulty doors, and door locks. You will not also struggle with opening doors when your hands are full. All these lock issues are avoidable with a keyless lock system. You only have to swipe your card, input a code or position the authorized part of your body for the biometric sensors.

  • No Key Issues

You can share the code with your staff if you are a business manager. Homeowners can as well give out codes or access procedures to any member of the household as opposed to making numerous keys and having to distribute them. You will also not deal with the expenses incurred when a key is lost or needs replacement.

  • Efficient and Easy to Install

Having a keyless lock system means not having to worry about misplacing keys or getting locked out. Not only are they efficient but quite easy to install. Most keyless lock and entry systems come in battery-powered keypad forms, they can be fitted to any mechanical door. Seeing that it is an electronic lock you may be wondering what happens if the power goes out. It works even when the power is out and has long-lasting battery life. Some systems tend to have a battery life indicator installed on them. If your system does not have a battery life indicator not to worry this is also easy to install.


Now that you have decided to switch to a keyless lock system after reading all its’ benefits, you can proceed to get in contact with a professional locksmiths from Columbus Locksmith Pro. We will offer you professional advice on the right keyless lock to get as well as do the installation at an affordable rate.

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