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December 31 ,2022

Are High-Security Locks Really Safe?

Are High-Security Locks Really Safe?

Advancement in technology has helped increase the sense of security homeowners feel. Its impact is felt in the security sector with the introduction of high-security and smart locks. They provide additional resistance against break-ins and off-site key duplication.

When compared to traditional locks, high-security locks are difficult to pick. They have advanced features to resist manipulations from burglars. Some of the brands are more sophisticated and often require biometric access and mobile apps to gain entry.

High-security locks are believed to be safer than regular locks but, how true is this? Let's find out by looking at some of the features.

Characteristics of High-Security Locks

They Are Drill Resistant

One of the major advantages of high-security locks over standard locks is drill resistant. Regular locks are vulnerable to drilling and this makes it easy for criminals to break the locks to gain entry. Locksmiths also use drilling when necessary. So this tells you how common this technique is.

However, most high-security locks are designed to have hardened steel ball bearings and drill plates to protect the locks from drilling. You can enjoy this feature by simply hiring Columbus Locksmith Pro to install high-security locks in your home.

Designed with Good Bolt Strength

High-security locks come with high bolt strength. The bolts are usually heavy and solid making it difficult for the lock to be picked. This type of bolt also makes it hard for the lock to be broken with a battering ram, shoulder, sled hammer, or any heavy instrument. It will be more of a difficult task for criminals to penetrate when you have high security locks installed.

They Come With Heavy-duty Hardware

Standard locks made with inferior materials and simple configuration can be easily compromised. On the other hand, heavier locks provide a superior level of security for homeowners. High-security locks are usually made with heavy-duty hardware like high tensile metals. These types of locks are suitable for doors that experience extensive use or high traffic as they can maintain their security for a long time. Unlike, standard locks that will require replacement after a period of extensive use.

Also, if you get locked out, there is no way to gain access to the property. The only option is to hire an emergency locksmith service such as Columbus Locksmith Pro to open the lock. This tells you how secure the heavy locks are.

The Keys Are Difficult To Copy

With a copied key, a criminal can gain entry through doors with the most advanced locking systems. Manufacturers of high-security locks have been able to solve the problem of unauthorized duplication of keys. High-security locks come with patented keyways; they have unique angle cuts that require a special key-cutting machine. Thus, the only way to make copies is through a special machine.

If you still have doubts about getting high-security locks, remember that they come with pick-resistant key cylinders. They are made up of hardened steel inserts, sidebars, and rotating pins, which resist break-in attempts through picking. Call us today for all your locksmith needs, we go about high-security lock with exceptional mastery.

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