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December 03 ,2022

Advantages of RFID Locks

Advantages of RFID Locks

In today's world, there is a growing need for security as crime and burglary are on the rise. These criminals moved on from employing crude implements to sophisticated equipment, thus requiring advanced technology to withstand break-in attempts.

Technological advancements have made it possible to accommodate some of the most significant security concerns. One of the few breakthroughs in property and life protection is RFID locks, which have seen massive adoption across commercial and residential properties. This article takes a look at RFID locks and the numerous advantages it offers.

What are RFID Locks?

An RFID lock (Radio Frequency Identification lock) is a keyless entry lock that uses an electromagnet to detect data encoded in a card or fob to provide access without a key. RFID locks do not require keys; instead, they open up when the right RFID card or fob is nearby.

RFID is a renowned technology with a broad range of applications, including inventory monitoring, security, and payment processing. As a reliable and consistent access control system, RFID door lock systems are very popular regarding security. RFID locking systems, unlike swipe cards, work without touching the reader, making them a contactless access control.

An RFID door lock access control system uses an RFID chip embedded in the user's credentials, such as a keycard or fob. An RFID reader sends a signal to a transceiver while the user is close to it, locating the user's information stored on the RFID tag and authorizing the tag. A door unlock request is approved or denied once the system reads it. Access control systems can track entry activity with RFID-enabled systems as they are automatically stored.

Advantages of RFID Locks

  • Security

RFID locks offer keyless entry; hence, they possess a higher level of security than traditional locks. In contrast to traditional keys, RFID cards are challenging to duplicate. Therefore, you can rest assured that an ex-employee can't gain unauthorized access to your building. During emergencies, you can use an override key on some RFID locks. Furthermore, RFID cards and fobs can be deactivated in times of threat.

  • Low Maintenance

The long-term benefits of RFID locks far outweigh their price. Despite being more expensive than conventional locks, they require less maintenance and are easier to install. Conventional locks are prone to faulty or broken keys, which will require key duplication or replacement, which means you will have to spend extra money to resolve it. It is worthy of note that conventional locks require consistent maintenance to avoid rust and debris to keep the lock mechanism functional. With RFID locks, a lot of this can be avoided.

  • Ease of Use

RFID locks make usage convenient for guests and employees in a building. Firstly, its RFID cards are compact and can easily be carried in wallets and purses. They can be worn around the neck with the aid of a lanyard, making them easily accessible.

You do not need to share one key or create duplicate keys with RFID locks, as new key cards can be set up easily when checking in guests. It is also less hassle to find the right key among a bunch as it is with conventional locks. If an RFID card goes missing, you can simply reach for a new card and set it up for the guest or employee.

Wrapping up

RFID locks are an important security accessory, especially in today’s world of recurrent theft and burglary. With RFID locks, you can restrict entry to your property as well as track the entry activities of everyone with an RFID card. If you are yet to upgrade to RFID locks and need help, our experienced locksmiths at Columbus Locksmith Pro are skilled at smart lock installation and can help you make a seamless transition from traditional locks to RFID locks.

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