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July 15 ,2022

A Guide to Multipoint Locks

A Guide to Multipoint Locks

Today, various door lock systems are available on the market. From traditional mortise locks to basic doorknobs and smart locks, each guaranteeing varying levels of security. However, multipoint locks are gradually gaining widespread adoption in many homes and businesses.

To address today's security concerns, multipoint locks employ traditional locking technology including the multipoint locking system. This article is proof of why multipoint locks are an excellent security accessory for all homes.

What Is A Multipoint Lock?

As the name indicates, a multipoint lock has multiple locking points along the edge of the door. An ordinary locking system consists of a single deadbolt near the center of the door. Therefore, it is more vulnerable to a break-in since the top and bottom portions of the door do not have integrated locks.

The multipoint lock mechanism functions in the same way on the inside and outside as ordinary locks. The main difference, however, is that it locks on the top, middle, and bottom of the door. Multipoint locking systems use three deadbolts instead of one. It would take an invader more force to break through a door when it is locked at three locations. Therefore the increased deadbolts contribute to the door’s protection.

Are Multipoint Locks Expensive?

Compared to conventional deadbolts and locks, multipoint locks are more expensive, however, the many advantages justify the increased cost. Multipoint locks are useful not only for protecting your commercial or residential property but also for enhancing its appearance, particularly when combined with a smart lock. Multipoint locks may also offer you long-term benefits. When installed properly, they can help keep the inside of the room warm, especially during the winter. As it keeps the door firmly closed and airtight. In light of improved security and better energy efficiency, you would understand that a more expensive multipoint lock is well worth the additional expense.

Can Multipoint Locks Be Used On Every Door?

Multipoint locks are not suitable for all types of doors. You can only use them on uPVC and composite doors. It is possible to integrate multipoint locks into either hinged or sliding doors made from these materials, but each requires a different system to operate. Most multipoint door locks are found on front entrance doors, but they can also be used on folding outswing doors and sliding patio doors. The use of a multipoint door lock is particularly suitable for protecting large French patio doors.

Deciding if a multipoint lock is suitable for a door will largely depend on the design of the door. When in doubt, you should contact a competent local locksmith in Delaware, OH for advice on installing a factory-made multipoint lock in your home or business. The benefit of purchasing doors constructed for multipoint locks is that you will save time and money, as well as you will be protecting your door's warranty since any alterations to the door are likely to void your warranty.


The aesthetics of your home or business is important, but not as much as functionality, ease of operation, and safety. As such, when you choose a multipoint locking system, you can be certain that your home, business, and belongings are secure. If you need to make that lock replacement overhaul decision today or you need help with deciding if multipoint locks are suitable for your home, Columbus Locksmith Pro is one call away. Guarantee top-level security with multipoint locks, contact us today.

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