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April 15 ,2022

5 Tips for Key Fob Vehicle Owners

5 Tips for Key Fob Vehicle Owners

Quite a few key fob vehicle owners know that key fobs wear over time. Your maintenance strategy will enhance the durability of your key fob. However, with constant usage, your key fob will wear and you will need to call an auto locksmith for key fob replacement and key fob programming service.

Auto locksmith companies like Columbus Locksmith Pro have years of experience replacing and reprogramming key fobs. Hence, making them the safest option to get your fob replaced.

As a key fob vehicle owner, there are some practices you can employ to prolong the lifespan of your key fob. However, you fob will need to be replaced as time goes on.

Here are 5 tips you should know as a key fob vehicle owner:

Be Ready for Emergency Situations

The first thing you should do after purchasing your car is carry out further research on it. If your vehicle was manufactured in the past 5 years, you will need to contact a car dealership or an experienced expert from Columbus Locksmith Pro to get your fob replaced. Replacing the fob of this category of vehicles require the use of expensive equipment that most auto locksmith may not have.

However, you can simply contact a trusted locksmith to help program your aftermarket fob if you have an older vehicle. One of the ways that you can prepare for emergencies is by duplicating your key fob. This way, you will not be caught off guard if you get locked out of your car.

Always Have a Key Blank With You

Having a key blank with you will help to get your key fob replaced quicker when you lose it. Also, a mechanical key blank can be a life saver when you get locked out of your car.

Change Your Batteries Annually or Bi-Annually

Replacing you fobs batteries every one or two years will help prolong its’ life span. You should change the batteries if you have to press your fob multiple times before it unlocks your door. If you press your fob hard and for multiple times in a row, it will wear quicker.

Store Your Key Fob in a Safe Place

Some key fob vehicle owners are careless with where the store their fobs. Storing your fob near the hook of your vehicle or in the vehicle will drain the batteries faster. If your fob is close to your car, it will keep interacting with your vehicle.

Clear Your Keyhole

It is possible for your key fob to freeze when your keyhole is filled with debris. Insert the fob in the keyhole and try turning it to ensure that your lock still functions. Clearing out dust and debris may help unfreeze your key fob. Do this before reaching out to a locksmith.

Final Words

Contact us at Columbus Locksmith Pro for our affordable and quick-response key fob programming service. Our highly esteemed service is the ideal answer to all your car key worries! We are always on standby to meet your needs during emergencies. Also, we offer a variety of auto locksmith services ranging from key replacement and reprogramming services.

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