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March 22 ,2022

3 Steps Towards Better Home Security

3 Steps Towards Better Home Security

Homes are one of the most valuable possession to people and should be a place where we create memories, keep valuable things, and have peace of mind. But this is not often so because of disruptions by thieves. 

Therefore, it has become a point of duty for every homeowner to secure their homes effectively against burglaries. Effective home security does not only give you peace of mind but also reduces the cost of your insurance premium. At Colombus Locksmith Pro, we have come up with three steps you can take towards better home security.

Securing Your Locks and Doors 

The main entry point to any house are the doors and windows, and 90% of the burglaries committed often take advantage of the weaknesses of these entry points. As a homeowner that just packed in, the first thing you should do is rekeying the locks. You never can tell whether the ex-homeowners have given spare keys to service providers or other individuals that may want to take advantage of their access. 

If you have been in your home for a while, always make sure to update your locks frequently. Locks get weary over time because of frequent use and age causing them to become vulnerable. Contact a professional locksmith to update every lock in your home to the latest locks in the market. 

Another way to secure your doors is to install deadbolt locks, especially the grade 1 and grade 2 types. Deadbolt locks often deter burglars from even attempting to pick the lock because of their anti-picking and anti-shimming mechanism. Installing deadbolt locks on your main entry doors can be a huge advantage 

Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith whenever a lock starts to malfunction. When a lock starts to cease, is hard to turn, or gets jammed frequently, that’s a sign of a faulty mechanism that needs to be replaced or repaired immediately. 

Opt-in for Electronic Locks 

Electronic locks are trending and there’s a valid reason homeowners and commercial businesses are purchasing them. Electronic locks give you control over who can access your home. With an electronic lock, you can give access to specific individuals, find out who accessed your home at certain times, and even revoke access to individuals when their services are no longer needed. Make sure to contact a professional locksmith that will advise you on the best electronic lock to get for your home. 

Install Security Cameras and Alarms 

Although alarms and cameras can be quite an investment, they are totally worth it. A security alarm will scare off burglars and will also contact the local authorities when there’s an attempted break-in. Cameras as well give you the chance to see what’s happening in your home environment in case anyone attempts to break-in.

Don’t Forget to Seek Advice from a Professional 

Remember to speak to a professional locksmith about your security. Professional locksmiths are the best experts to give you advice on how to improve your home security, and also help you achieve a high level of home security. 

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