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August 20 ,2022

3 Misconceptions About Car Key Replacements

3 Misconceptions About Car Key Replacements

Lock and key-related emergencies can happen to anyone: maybe you are in a hurry for an appointment but your car key suddenly starts malfunctioning! At that moment, your mind races to comprehend all the possible causes. Sometimes a solution is obvious. At other times, it may take some effort to determine the source of the issue.

Nevertheless, there are several misconceptions regarding the replacement of car keys. However, most of these misconceptions are untrue. Hence, it is important to understand the facts and tell with certainty what misconceptions are true or false.

Myth One - Car Key Replacement Can Only Be Done By the Dealership or Manufacturer

Many car owners believe that car dealerships, insurance companies, and mechanics are the best options for car key replacement. While these options can replace car keys, their services are far more costly and time-consuming than those of locksmiths. When car replacement needs arise, most of the time, you will need to have it replaced right away because you could be locked out in the middle of nowhere or an emergency. In such cases, a locksmith is the best option since they provide rapid service directly to your location at a much lower cost. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we are always available to provide quality services. We can send a local locksmith in no time to replace your keys.

Myth Two - Car Key Replacement Requires an Original Key

Some car owners believe car key replacement is impossible without the original key, but this is not true. Even though car keys come in various shapes and sizes, your local locksmith does not need to see the original key before making a replacement. A competent locksmith can replace keys for any car based on vehicle information, such as the vehicle's make, model, year, VIN, and title. For this reason, it is very important to keep copies of your car's documentation with information like the vehicle identification number and model so that your locksmith can make you a replacement key that fits your car perfectly.

Furthermore, a professional locksmith can also identify the shape and size of your car key by inspecting your car's ignition with high-tech equipment.

Myth Three - Modern Car Keys Cannot Be Cut and Replaced By Auto Locksmiths

This is a popular misconception believed by many car owners that auto locksmiths cannot replace modern car keys like transponder and laser-cut keys. However, this is untrue. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we possess sophisticated equipment to create car keys of any kind. From conventional car keys to programmable remotes, transponder keys, laser-cut transponder keys, and remote-key combos. Locksmiths are not restricted to traditional locks and keys. As the world of automobiles evolved over the years, so did locksmiths.

Need Car Key Replacement?

Get back on the road immediately with the assistance of our trained automobile locksmiths. Whether it's anything as easy as assisting you if you are accidentally locked out or as complex as replacing your lost or defective car key, we are just one call away.

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